Fitness Supplements – Enhance Your Efficiency

Regardless of which sport/s you decide to take up on as a career or just a hobby, every athlete that desires to be more than just mediocre should invest in advanced fitness products. These products have been produced throughout the years for the sole purpose of increasing performance and physique output from training.

Various physical attributes, such as speed, power, stamina, and endurance, can only be elevated so high depending on the athlete. However, the use of fitness products can surpass the normal thresholds of these attributes.

This is precisely why almost every champion in all sports utilizes these products in their own specific way, as this allows them to reach their full potential. While proper nourishment of the body undoubtedly aids in the fitness process, these particular products, such as Creatine or Whey Protein, remain recognized as successful substitutes. These are known as supplements.

The Gist of Supplements

The origin of supplements dates back to as far as the early 1900s, when Greek strong men and athletes desired to boost their strength and stamina. This essentially started with bodybuilding, strenuous physical exercise (usually involving some form of resistance) used for the purpose of strengthening or enlarging the musculature of the body.

When you hear the talk of famous bodybuilders, usually you’d think of the likes of the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman. However, it must not be forgotten that Eugen Sandow, a German bodybuilder, is strongly regarded as the man who conceived modern bodybuilding. Sandow recommended that athletes control their diets for optimal results. As time passed, bodybuilders sought out more advanced ways to do so.

Supplementation boomed in the 70s and 80s with the intention to get more people into the fitness game. Now we have protein shakes, BCAA’s, weight loss products, various pills, and a multitude of other ways supplements have evolved. Some supplements have achieved a prestige of their own through their popularity, versatility, and reliability.

What Even is Creatine?

I could go on forever about the relationship creatine has with the periodic table, but I’ll just keep it simple by getting straight to the point. Creatine derives from the amino acids glycine and methionine. Creatine isn’t hard to find naturally, as it’s produced daily by our liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Some people might be unaware that creatine can also be located in food.

If creatine is easily found in the body and potentially in foods as well, then why is there even a need to supplement it? Well, it’s most likely due to the fact that the amount of creatine naturally produced in the body is roughly just a mere 1 or 2 grams per day. While this amount is necessary for the body to maintain itself properly, this is obviously not sufficient for an athlete with serious goals in mind.

Creatine aids the athlete by improving muscular leanness, strength, and rate of recovery whilst exercising. One hack of creatine is its ability to providing bursts of speed and strength, which is ideal for high-intensity sports where the practitioner needs to perform at a peak level quickly, such as Olympic weightlifting. 1-2 grams couldn’t provide this effect, as it’d be no purpose in purchasing creatine to begin with if it could. A good 4 or 5 grams can get the job done, which is precisely why creatine is sought after by many athletes that mean business.

Since creatine is not considered a rare-commodity, it can be easily obtained at local health stores. The prices are also ideal for those on a tighter budget. This alone would be enough to spike the global use of the supplement. Who doesn’t like to save money?

An Alternative Source of Protein?

We all know protein as a crucial component of all living organisms, as it provides structure through hair, antibodies, and of course, muscle. Muscle is generally the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear “protein”. Primarily present in meat, it isn’t too strenuous to obtain protein for your diet naturally.

According to the Dietary Reference Intake, protein requirements are approximately 0.8g/kg of body weight or 0.36g/lb of body weight per day. However, this is simply to maintain the body. As an athlete, building some degree (or possibly a higher degree) of muscle is essential for increasing performance in your sport. Therefore, more protein is needed.

This is where protein supplements come in, which are either in the form of powders or capsules. There’s a seemingly endless amount of protein supplements that can be found in many places such as your local GNC and even Walmart, ranging from Gold Standard Whey Protein Isolate, Syntha-6,’s signature Whey Protein, and etcetera.

My Diet is Fine…Right?

“Forget dieting! I’ll just hack my way to that dream body I’m mesmerized with through the use of supplements. It’s way easier than wasting time eating…right?” The answer to that is an obvious “no”. Fitness supplements should be an ADDITION to your fitness diet, not a replacement.

The original way of achieving an amazing physique with attributes to match through a healthy and well-balanced diet will always be the key to achieving your fitness goals. It can be quite difficult to keep this up, having to deal with tedious chores like tracking every calorie or macro, which explains why many people might be struggling.

Supplements are the easy mode for dieting. A powder is simply mixed with water or milk and drunken. Pills are simply engulfed. Building the body of a champion isn’t easy, so always aim to perfect your diet beforehand. After all, eating properly is something we most likely were taught as children.

Supplements: Cash or Trash?

“Okay! Okay! I’ve heard all the fancy details, but are supplements really worth my cash? If proper dieting is essentially better, then should I just consider supplements as utter trash?” No, you shouldn’t. At the end of the day, most people, maybe including you, remain busy. You have a life with many events going on in it, which means that there will inevitably be times when you just can’t get in all those calories or all those macros.

Someone who has no significant responsibilities along with a plethora of money could easily just buy their diet and follow it to the strictest 24/7. Supplements were produced to combat this, as any missing links in your diet could be filled in by these supplements. An example would be if you were for any reason 24 grams short of your targeted amount of protein and needed it right now. One scoop of GS Whey covers you.

Supplements are convenient and versatile, which explains their immense popularity. To wrap this up, supplements are a definite recommend to your fitness diet. They help increase muscular attributes such as strength and recovery. Results are better represented when stacked with a well-executed diet. Supplements can help athletes reach past their thresholds by providing more resources in a smaller volume compared to food, which helps tremendously when life gets in the way.

If you’re really hungry for that #1 spot in your sport, you’d agree that supplements are a no-brainer. Of all the athletes currently holding that position, you can bet that they’re already huge fans of supplements. Are you willing to go not just the extra mile, but the extra marathon to become the champion you’re supposed to be? If so, then why hesitate? You’re surrounded by supplements at your disposal, so go and take advantage, Champion.

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