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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Torino Fitness! I remember starting to lift weights like it was yesterday. At 12 years old, my father got me a 10 pound dumbbell. I started curling, my arms transformed, I got hooked, and the rest is history…still in the making. I’m nowhere near where I want to be physically, but that’s fine. After all, fitness should be treated as a journey, not something rushed.First Dumbbell About Torino

Anyone who has been involved in fitness should be well aware of the variety of tools that can be utilized to advance their fitness odyssey, such as supplements or weight belts (for the lifters). Like education in college, furthered knowledge regarding fitness is what separates the average Joes from the world champions.

Being average is better than being the worse, but why settle when you could be at the top of the totem pole?

Through Torino Fitness, I desire to mold anyone and everyone into the champions they’re meant to be by providing the most optimal nutritional and supplemental dietary additions and appropriate equipment for their respective sports. If even one athlete can become a champion, then who’s to say you couldn’t?

The Ignition of My Fire

I didn’t get into lifting weights until I was a Sophomore in high school at 15 years old. This is when the barbell entered my life. With my newbie technique and lack of knowledge in the sport, I proceeded to bench press, squat, and deadlift with no idea what I’m really doing or going.

I wanted, no, I needed to learn more so I could get stronger. I started binge-watching instructional videos by fitness icons such as Elliot Hulse and surrounding myself with stronger and more experienced people so I could elevate myself further.

Eventually, I discovered the sport of Powerlfting, and I particularly fancied the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). I currently pause bench 230 lbs, squat 365 lbs, and deadlift 415 lbs. I’m not impressed. After seeing the endless triple-bodyweight squats and a plethora of records being broken, I vowed to get strong enough to become an IPF world champion myself.

I just don’t want to settle for being average. I want to be a champion, and it’s only a matter of time before this dream manifests as reality.

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It’s Not Just About Me

I’m not the only aspiring champion anywhere. Many desire the same, whether it be in Powerlifting, MMA, NFL, or the NBA. I don’t want to sit alone at the round table with no other elites to accompany me. Everyone has the potential to be great. There are no select few.

I want you to grow with me. Guiding others on the road to success is addicting. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of aiding someone and watching them better themselves through my assistance. Besides, knowing others have benefited from my guidance undoubtedly proves that what I’m doing is effective.


Where I Want to Go With This

I want this website to become your go-to source whenever you strive to reach that next level. By providing beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes adequate resources, I’ll gain increased knowledge through the many people I plan to help.

I’ll be forced to create more sufficient methods for achieving various fitness goals as my following increases, which in turn will help me grow wiser in many fields.

That is the purpose of Torino Fitness: to give priceless resources that all of our champions bask in. The very same resources that carried them so far, which will do the same for us too.

If you ever need any form of assistance, do not hesitate to leave them down below. I will undoubtedly be more than willing to help you out.



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